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Gänsegeschnatter - Neues aus dem Seewinkel

New establishment of wild insect colonies
The use of insecticides and herbicides has strongly decimated the population of wild bees resulting in poor harvests due to a lack of pollination of cultivated plants. This, together with the desire to bring back the idyll of nature we still remember from the days of our  childhood, has inspired us to establish “hotels” for wild insects in our vineyards and orchards. Thanks to a special combination of pollen-rich plant types and the establishment of species-appropriate living conditions, the insect population is already thriving and will be available as early as next spring for a complete pollination of the area’s total plant cultures.


Concrete sponsorship
“Konkret” stands for a new method of vinification in 9 hl concrete “eggs” (egg-shaped vessels) and has many positive attributes. A multitude of extremely fine pores allows a controlled supply of oxygen to the wine. The pure and straight-forward style of the wine
“incubated”  in the egg for 12 months which lead to particular emphasis of solid unadulterated varietal character one could also call “concrete”. We are currently looking for sponsors of each of our concrete eggs. Why not become an ambassador of this unique vinification method?


H9 and J9
On Somló mountain in Hungary the smallest-wine-growing region in the far reaches of the plain, rises the extinct volcano, crowned by lava pillars. Here wines thrive with centuries of history. H9 and J9, our two Hungarian white wines can now be ordered from us via the website www.vielfalt.com.