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Winegrowing and the expansion of our vineyard Organic cultivation has long been a fundamental part of our philosophy. Today, after nearly two decades we see many things differently from the way we did originally.

When Anneliese and Werner senior took over the farm, they converted to organic cultivation. The early days were a time of practical experiences, enthusiastic experiments and a euphoric search for pastures new to discover a harmonious coexistence with nature.

After ten years of organic management with many ups and downs, the biodynamic approach presented a new challenge. It was a process of further development encouraged and strengthened by many positive practical experiences, which continues to grow in its influence on our lives.


Our family has practised mixed agriculture for generations, initially including the growing of vegetables, as was the tradition in the region of the Austro-Hungarian Puszta. This continued even after the new demarcation of the border following World War I, when much of the agricultural area became Hungarian state territory, but the village of Pamhagen remained Austrian. Well beyond World War II the farmers of Pamhagen were allowed to work their fields on the other side of the border, until confiscation by the communists put an end to this concession.

It was therefore a special moment for our family when the rigid borders of the East finally fell and it also represented a defining step in the future of our estate: Anneliese and Werner senior decided to make another start with farming in Hungary. This expansion allowed the whole family to continue earning their livelihood from agriculture, as all three sons, Werner junior, Johannes and Lukas wanted to stay in farming. The initial risk of a new beginning in Hungary was high and required learning of a new language, improvisational skills and perseverance. Looking back this has proved to be a unique opportunity and today we view this difficult period with great satisfaction.

Winegrowing and the expansion of our vineyard area have simultaneously grown steadily in importance. Since the completion of their oenological studies and return to the farm, Angela and Werner junior have introduced a new winemaking approach and made the task of sales their own. Today everyone in the family has found their place on the estate and can hone their very own specialist skills.