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It is very important to us to send a clear and simple message to our customers: “Organic” on the label means organic in content.
Only the designation of “Demeter” together with a declaration of biodynamic cultivation or organic cultivation are meaningful and valid declarations. All organic products must be marked with a code that adheres to the EU regulation ‘AT-N-01-BIO’ and which may be even stricter according to requirements of each respective federal state and control authority.

Organic control offices are accredited boards of control which certify the authenticity of organic properties, as for example “Austria Bio Garantie” (www.abg.at)

Organic associations are organised associations that have more wide-reaching and stricter requirements.
As a basis they use the EU-regulation for organic cultivation and management.
Example: Demeter (www.demeter.at) is the only organisation worldwide with binding regulations for the certification and control of biodynamic cultivation.


Demeter Verband biodynamisch

Austria Bio Garantie

Bio Austria Verband biologisch


Our wine estate and entire farm is certified under the EU organic regulation, the biodynamic directives of the Demeter organisation and the NOP (National Organic Program).