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Wine as an experience of nature. The Seewinkel is situated at the eastern side of the Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site at the western border of the Great Hungarian Plain. Grasslands and lakes dominate the character of the landscape. The vast expanse of reeds of the national park seems to disappear into the distance of the Puszta and vineyards stretch into endless horizons. We feel that an environment like this commands our particular respect and requires us to make our wines in unison with nature’s own cycle.

Pamhagen is located directly on the Hungarian border, at the southern-most tip of the Seewinkel region. The great water expanse of Lake Neusiedl and surrounding ponds exerts a moderating influence on the Pannonian climate. Hours of sunshine frequently exceed more than 2000 annually and provide an ideal climate for optimum ripeness. Dry, hot summers present an extreme challenge for the vines and it is only under these conditions that wines full of character and high in concentration and phenolic substance can be made.

An abundance of Indian summer days allows for perfect physiological ripeness, the cool nights however serve to retain the aromatic qualities of the berries so typical for this region: a prerequisite for powerful red wines with intense fruit. In the vineyard sites near Lake Neusiedl high humidity and warm air create ideal preconditions for world-famous botrytized sweet wines, Trockenbeerenauslese. From the moment the icy cold of the Pannonian climate makes its first appearance of the winter, conditions are right for ice wine with its clearly defined aromatics and finely tuned acidity.